Wednesday, May 16, 2012

google plus plus

Good or bad, I combined my Blogger profile with my Google+ profile.  We will see how this all plays out though I can only go back to the Blogger profile within 30 days.

I did enjoy the "hang out" feature earlier this month when our ETSY GIRLS OF INSTAGRAM group live chatted and I finally got to put voices to faces and names.  I hope to take part in another group "hang out" very soon.

I like gmail and blogger.  And google is my go to search engine.  And so, I'm sure that I'll come around and absolutely adore Google+ though GoogleMaps street view still kinda creeps me out.  It's cool but then gets weird.  Ya know?  When ya think of yourself being the one that is seen...


I have added initial tanks to the shop.  The current inventory of tanks were taken straight out of my closet.  They were laundered and then I added an initial cut from my fabric scrap stash.  I think this first batch of initial tanks are an eco-friendly way to update your summer wardrobe.  I am open to custom orders and special requests.

I am working to build inventory for both the shop as well as for 2012 craft shows.

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