Sunday, May 20, 2012



*jumping in*

I like that this space has a little bit of everything.  I want to keep it that way.  But I'm thinking that this space will be more "behind the scenes" of lil girl shop and that the main business, etc. blog will be on my new site [indiemade].  I can't post on the fly at my new site.  And that's ok.  It isn't a deal breaker.

I have merged my personal and business Instagram accounts once again.  I am not going to delete the business account that I created, rather I changed the name on my original account to my business name and made it public.  Lindsey of Out of Alabaster made a fantastic point that "a big part of handmade business is buying into the seller".  And the point that she made was the same reason that I had begun second guessing the split I made back in April.  I had begun to become uncomfortable posting on either IG account.  Thinking about which account I was signed into and if what I wanted to post was appropriate for that particular account.  I want to be me all of the time.

I updated my profile picture on my business fb page today.  It is the same as my personal fb profile picture except my biz picture has my little sewing machine logo in the lower right hand corner.

I also updated my etsy shop's banner this afternoon.  I included my new profile picture as well as the sewing machine logo in color as well as in black and white plus several product images.

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