Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Explanation plus

This is not turning into a food journal diary only. I'm actually writing about my day while tracking my food intake. I try to bring some humor and visual glimpses into my life - not just about food and exercise.

I probably need to think more before I title the post. I will try harder.

I am working on my thirty bag donation currently. I have the insides complete and am steadily finishing the corresponding exteriors. I have twenty-five more outsides done, attach the two halves to each other, and then shipped. I will definitely be photographing all items prior to shipment.

I am a member of The Hen House Coop and write there as well. The Hen House Coop consists of a fabulous group of women who are all creative business types. I chat with these women on a near daily basis. Even though we are spread throughout the USA, I know that I can call on them and they will be there for me. I recommend these women as people and their businesses.

Ok, my eyes are drooping... I look forward to tomorrow and the promise of a new day.

Sweet dream y'all.

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