Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

It is amazing how different I feel when I wear perfume. From blah and tired to smiling when I inhale the scent... By the way, my mood lifting scent is Curious by Britney Spears.

Danielle of The Grey Tabby posted her 30 before 30 list and it got me to thinking about what I really and truly want to accomplish before this milestone birthday of mine coming up on April 4th.

My list includes random things and those close to my heart. It isn't the list that I probably would have made in my 20s. It is more realistic than that but it is jam packed with bunches of stuff -- especially when one considers that I have less than twelve months to accomplish every task on the list. About 8.33 months... 😳😳😳

Jen's 40 before 40

1. Have a booth at the fair. *
2. Have another baby (or be pregnant).
3. Hang all clothes in closet.
4. Clean out under the bed.
5. Buy a new couch for the living room.
6. Let Sox roam living room again.
7. Pull up carpet and refinish wood floor in living room.
8. Go without soda for 80+ days.
9. Run 40 miles even if 1 mile at a time.
10. Reduce kitchen clutter.
11. Have another yard sale.
12. Read 4 books from start to finish.
13. Make "lil girl shop" official. *
14. Donate all clothes I don't sell or use to craft.
15. Work (actually and for real) in my sewing room.
16. Reorganize kitchen.
17. And living room.
18. Lose 20+ pounds (non-baby relate weight).
19. Create mystery boxes of made items to list in store.
20. Buy business cards 1000+.
21. Learn how to use my serger.
22. Learn how to use my cricut.
23. Make 10 pinterest projects.
24. Put wedding photos in albums.
25. Buy hosting space for landing page.
26. Make 40 of the same thing.
27. Times 5.
28. Plus 4.
29. Make 4 denim (beach/backyard picnic) quilts with cotton backing.
30. Make 40 dog chew toys.
31. Donate 40 hours of time to a worthy cause.
32. Attend church regularly.
33. Pray every night.
34. Finish our quilt top and add backing.
35. Make curtains for kitchen (2).
36. And bedroom (4).
37. And sewing room (3).
38. Update blog more regularly.
39. Cook more health conscious.
40. Thank God every day for my life.

* I am working to make the fair booth a reality as well as making lil girl shop official official. I hope to be able to mark both of these tasks as completed very soon!

One of my dear facebook friends posted the money can't buy happiness... image and I just had to share with y'all.

Hope your Wednesday is wonderfully spectacular.

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