Friday, January 20, 2012

in love with a piece of furniture

I was browsing facebook minding my own business when this image popped up on my feed. OMG!!!

I couldn't believe it. My dream sofa. Someone had it. It actually existed! I had to have it. I have to have it. Just no option other than it being my very own.

Seriously. Look at it. It is amazing.

I phoned the shop. Thank goodness it is semi local. And spoke with a very nice young lady who took my name and number. She said that she would call the owner who was actually at market and give her my details. I was positively giddy when i received the call back from Holly.

As instructed by my husband, I found out the price. Sounded similar to what I was expecting though significantly higher than he was guessing. But not a problem. I will just have a sale in my etsy store to raise the funds to fulfill my dream of owning this masterpiece.

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