Sunday, January 2, 2011

My new year resolutions

I feel like 2011 is going to be a fantastic year. I am happily married and working from home for a wonderful company as well as sewing and creating handmade crafty goodness. Our daughter is doing well in school. Life is good. *knock on wood* My husband is in the driver seat next to me, so I gave him a double tap. Hehe

And so, my 2011 resolutions...

1. Draw a minimum of 20 houses each week for my boss.
2. Do couch to 5k at least three days a week. And then upgrade to the 10k version (bridge).
3. Sew at least 7 new items for my Etsy shop each week.
4. List new items in my Etsy shop each week.
5. Purchase a new digital camera to use for my shop.
6. Purchase a laptop for me to use.
7. Purchase a laptop for my husband to use.
8. Pay off wedding bills.
9. Pay off dentist and fertility doctor.
10. Save for medical insurance deductible.
11. Use envelope system for budgeting.
12. Get concrete for addition next to garage.
13. Save for my sewing room.
14. Prepare for Christmas craft shows (3).
15. Purchase awesome 10x10 show tent with optional accessories.
16. Lose weight.
17. Get organized.
18. Add a baby to our family of three.
19. Teach teenage daughter to drive.
20. Buy a blender and slow cooker.
21. Update our diet to a healthier version.
22. Tear out the carpet in living room and refinish our hardwood floor underneath.
23. Update teenage daughter's room and other rooms in house as necessary.
24. Update this blog template.
25. Complete a quilt for our bed. 120 inch square.
26. Get rid of excess clutter.
27. Clean out closet and drawers.
28. Clean out kitchen cupboards.
29. Clean out bathroom linen closet.
30. Methodically clean out storage building.
31. Take a "daily mugshot".
32. Drink more water and less soda.

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