Monday, January 3, 2011

LoseIt! App

I'm determined to lose the excess weight and maintain the loss permanently - though gain/lose appropriate baby weight is a desired experience as well in the near future.

I have gained thirteen pounds since our wedding. I'm sure the gain is due both to skipping Zumba and adding soda back into my diet as well as throwing "my new healthy lifestyle" right out the proverbial window.

Today, I started tracking my food intake on the LoseIt! App again and created a new program, entering my current weight as well as my new goal weight. In addition to tracking my foods and weight with the LoseIt! App, I am going to re-start my use of the Couch to 5k app. Hopefully, I can squeeze thirty minutes for exercise into my daily routine.

Using the Daily Mugshot app, I hope to get a visual road map of my weight loss. I need to embed the code for my mugshot here. Another thing to add to my to do list. :)

Sewing... Oh how I miss my machine. I hope to sew some later this week. But I need to stay focused and get some drawings out of the way first.

Well, sleep is calling my name. Night y'all.

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