Monday, August 3, 2009

amazon isn't just a rain forest that needs saving

It seems that I'm on a hiatus of sorts with regard to new bags but I'm not on a hiatus from sewing crafty goodness from old clothes. You see, I made a super cute baby blanket / quilt and I've been steadily working on the quilting / tacking aspect of this project. I posted a picture on my squarespace blog - - as well as on my facebook account. I am looking forward to making more of these baby blankets in the not too distant future. Maybe even one (or three) for myself. ;)

The great thing about this blanket is that I used several old tshirts on this project. The backing is new unbleached cotton. The green print fabric is from a pair of pajama pants. The single O block is from my fabric destash, while my darling daughter embroidered the O for her new cousin-to-be due at the end of November.

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