Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the water debate

I am sure you've heard the commercial about drinking water and how the water that comes out of your faucet inside your house is the same as the bottled water you purchase at the store but different in that for starters: it is cheaper and more easily accessible (not needing to leave the house, for instance).

The commercial goes further and details that most bottled water is actually tap water that has been filtered and then bottled to be sold in stores.

Well, that tidbit got me thinking about how much money my family could save if we didn't buy many multiple gallons of bottled water each week for our sweet tea. You see, our city water has a strange flavor, which led me to purchase bottled water in the first place. It was an easy solution but a very costly maneuver.

Purchasing a water filter pitcher is on my shopping list this week to test the ability of the filtration system. If nothing else, we'll have an extra pitcher in the house but if it works then we'll save quite a bit of money each week since a gallon is $ 0.62 at our local big box store.

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