Wednesday, July 22, 2009

two for ten

Price as well as initial appearance can make or break a sale.

Initially, I was drawn in for a closer look due to the price tag but on further inspection I decided to pass on these roses because the two that I purchased back in May for twice that amount look much healthier in my front flower bed than any single one of these roses that are currently for sale in front of my local big box store.

Appearance and price sometimes go hand in hand. Some might say that I passed on a bargain but bargains, good deals, and the like are about perception of quality as well as available (disposable) funds.

For me and my household, the $10 was better spent on two pounds of lean hamburger meat ($5.80), fancy shredded cheese ($2.00), one pound of elbow noodles ($1.00), and a can of Rotel ($0.86). In fact, I purchased twenty-nine items total and spent a grand total of $64.78 between three stores.

Unfortunately I did not bring any of my numerous coupons with me on my spree but I did forgo the purchase of several items that I know for a fact that I have a coupon for said item in my stash that has not expired.

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