Tuesday, July 21, 2009

clicking for points

I joined MyPoints ages ago and have been clicking thru their emails steadily earning points. When I reach a certain number or just feel the need to "shop", I search their rewards list and attempt to match the gift card I want with the number of points that I have accumulated. Usually, I do quite well. Sometimes though I am most impatient and instead of waiting for a $25 card, I settle for the $10 version because I want my gift card NOW!

I think we all get impatient now and then. Some of us more than others but impatience seems to be a universal human trait - ok, maybe it's an American trait - but a human trait nevertheless. Throw in the fact that astrologically I'm an Aries and yep, you guessed it - patience isn't typically my thing but MyPoints rewards a certain bit of patience and I'm learning to delay seemingly instant gratification in favor of a bigger reward in the end.

Do you belong to MyPoints or a similar service? Which one?

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