Monday, May 11, 2020


I am still sewing and making functional art.  I am using a few of the same patterns and have drawn some new ones.  I am still making bags and have sewn more than a few face masks.  I rarely if ever go on twitter.  I have an etsy shop and a Square online store.  I am still finding new uses for old clothes and using vintage fabric shared with me by my sweet mama.  I have gone through several sewing machines since I last updated this space as well as several different day jobs.  My daughter has gotten married and given birth to my adorable grandchildren.  Life is moving forward.  

I am writing this while on hold with my hosting company and trying to get the bugs worked out of my latest domain blog space.  I still sew while watching Friends reruns but I have added a new show to my Netflix addiction - NCIS.  My sewing room is still not complete but the vision is coming to life.  I am showing my work at Farmers Markets now.  Handmade is hot.  ;)

I need to work on updating this space as well.  More like organizing and condensing.  Streamlining the labels and going through the links.  Some things are coming full circle.

The circle of life...

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