Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Texas Tuesday during Antique Week

Texas Tuesday

Check out this site to learn more about Texas Antique Weekend!

Though I didn't take home the lovely blue/purple iridescent piece - it is one of my favorite colors - I did bring back four lovely green glass items {including the green lamp that you can barely make out in the background}.

Twice a year, I make a trek to Warrenton.  I know I should go more often because my mother grew up in this area, but I make a point to walk the fields each March/April and September/October.  I have a "usual" parking spot and typically only see a small stretch of road but it is the same stretch each year.  I get a chance to make friends with the vendors {repeat business} and find the booth I'm looking for much more easily than if I walked the whole darn thing.  ;)  I know that I'm missing bunches but oh the treasures I find.  :::swoon:::

My birthday is in early April and going to Warrenton is the best birthday gift ever - especially with a bit of play money.  ;)

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Celebrity Sighting at Round Top! | Shop Across Texas - Shopping in Texas <~ Plus there is always a chance that you will spot celebrities!  Tori Spelling and her hubby Dean McDermott were spotted junkin' at the Round Top Antique Fair in April 2011.

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