Tuesday, October 2, 2012

one point eight four

It was 66* F this morning when I set out on my run. I love this cool weather. My run today was inspired by both Kailey and Regina {my #accountabilitychicks} as well as my friend Jenny and another lovely lady I follow on IG who posted the just do it because... phrase with her own accountability photo.

I have a nifty Nike fuel band {a gift from my darling husband}, and I had previously set a rather lofty goal of 5000 daily fuel points. I dropped to 2000 daily fuel points after consistently failing miserably, of course, I know my failure was due to both setting an unrealistic goal AND my lack of ambition. Since setting the 2000 goal, I have reached my goal more often than not. My average daily fuel points is 2199. I raised my goal today {will take effect tomorrow} to 2200. Baby steps.

Wednesday is the day I step on the scale. I'm not expecting a miracle drop off as it did not appear on my body overnight {even though it might seem that way}. Weight crept on and weight will creep off.

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