Saturday, February 18, 2012

Done and done

I completed fifteen cloth napkins (ten made from unbleached cotton and five made from a brown floral print cotton). I also finished ten unbleached cotton utensil holders. And finally, I fulfilled my commitment with ten unbleached cotton lunch bags of which nine were lined with a primarily purple based floral print cotton and a single bag was lined in the brown floral print cotton that matches five of the napkins.

I printed 100 business cards to be included in the donation. A special offer is included on the back of each card.

All of the above was shipped in a recycled box to New York this morning.

I am thankful both for taking part in this project as well as the fact that it is now behind me. I look forward to watching the episode in the near future.

Now, I am going to do a but of sewing for the shop and a few other things on my list.

Happy Saturday y'all!!!

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