Friday, November 12, 2010

I have a very good husband

Not only does he love me and our daughter. He shows his love for us on a daily basis. He loves Bebe, our chorkie.

This morning, he left his wallet and other stuffs that he keeps in his pockets as work in the bathroom. He came home and picked it up (I couldn't run it to him because my car is in the shop.) and then stopped by a few minutes later with breakfast. Grin. I work from home. And it was so sweet of him to bring me breakfast. Well, just a few minutes ago he called. Asking me what I wanted for lunch because they were at the Mexican place around the corner. He intended to bring it by to me if I didn't feel like I getting out of the house and walking over. Awww. So sweet my husband is. I love him very much.

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