Monday, October 8, 2012

Sew Swap Success

I found out about the Sew Swap on Instagram and just had to join in as it sounded like loads of fun.  This was my first Sew Swap but not the first time that I have sent my handmade crafty goodness out into the world as part of a swap.

I made something nifty for Cara.  An initial wristlet and a cupcake snack mat / mug rug.  I also used my robot note cards to write a little note. {click the picture and go to Cara's blog post}

I was more than pleasantly surprised when I checked the mailbox and found a package for me waiting to be ripped open.  Getting mail that doesn't ask for money is super awesome.
 Since I knew that I would be blogging this experience, I didn't rip the padded manilla envelope too badly.  I took my time and went slowly - photo-documenting the experience.

Thank you Jennet of Feathered Nest Studio!
I don't currently own a Kindle or other reader, but I have now added one to my Christmas wishlist.  I adore the colors, texture of fabrics used, and the sewing machine embellishment.  The "handmade with love" stamp is perfect!  My very first reaction to the "sew something" artwork was - I need a frame.  My husband's first reaction was very similar - we need to get you a frame for that, so you can hang it up in your sewing studio.

Thank you Jennet for the amazing "sew swap"!

Thank you Ashley Marie for hosting this "sew swap"!


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    1. Thanks! Ashley plans on hosting more swaps, Beth. She is on IG.

  2. Love y'alls swap items!

  3. So glad you liked everything! It was such fun making things for you. :) -Jennet (