Monday, October 8, 2012

day eight

On the eighth day of #31 days, I used my sewing machine to sew the pieces of fabric together.

I started the day with all of my ingredients {interior, batting, and exterior} cut and ready to be attached.

First, I lined the interior and the batting up and pinned around the edges.  I then quilted through the layers in a random but all-over fashion.  The batting is thick and fluffy but will add structure to this bag.  I'm hard on my bags and want it to be durable, also the quilting will help this bag if I decide to throw it in the wash one day.

I did the same with the handles.

After both interior pieces have been attached to the batting, I picked the location for the label and decided that I want to add a small pocket.  I found a small {approximately 5 inch by 7 inch} piece of the exterior fabric and matched it with a piece of white cotton leftover from my husband's anniversary gift.  Pocket was simple and turned out smaller than originally planned but still a perfectly acceptable pocket.

Once the label and pocket were in place,  I attached the handles.  Next, I pinned the front and back of the interior of the bag together.  I used my awesome sewing machine to sew around the edges, and then I repeated the process for the exterior - though without a label or pocket.

After I had two bag shapes, I inserted the inner layer into the outer layer and pinned.  This is the stage that I will leave the bag until I purchase binding or make my own.  I forgot that my normal way of finishing this bag does not work easily with the batting in the middle.

How are you doing with the #31days challenge?  Are you keeping up?  Are you following along?  Talk to me.  :)

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