Wednesday, October 3, 2012

day 3

I thought I had a doctor's appointment today but it is actually tomorrow.  Since my time available was wacky, I am posting something I made the other day.  It was super quick and easy.

I used a plastic bowl as a template {traced around the edge} and cut two pieces that were the same size.  I attached one of my labels and then pinned right sides together, sewed around the majority and left an opening to turn right side out, and then turned and stuffed.  I hand-sewed the opening shut.  I included three small jingle bells with the stuffing as Levi adores the sound of bells.  He attacks anything that makes the sound with the vigor of an intensely playful kitten.
Levi loved his toy for about ten minutes straight - even carrying it around the way a puppy dog does - unfortunately the blurry shot was the best that I could capture.  I have a feeling that it will be a "new" toy after a couple of days of being in hiding.

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