Tuesday, September 4, 2012

what i like about Texas

Texas Tuesday

Blue Bell ice cream selection at the local grocery store
I created a Texas themed treasury on Etsy on Sunday in anticipation of today.  And there is not a Texan alive {to my knowledge} who does not adore at least one flavor of Blue Bell's creamy creations.
James Avery silver jewelry is collected by many girls, with collections beginning in infancy.  My sixteen-year-old daughter has a near full charm bracelet, which contains charms that Oma began purchasing for her soon after Chloe's birth.
Skipping around topics...
As a child/teenager, I remember enjoying summer trips to AstroWorld and Schlitterbahn.  Unfortunately AstroWorld is no more but Schlitterbahn is still alive and kicking with multiple parks open versus the sole location {of my youth} in New Braunfels.
I'm looking forward to a good ol' Texas fall and winter {warm/wet/breezy} with football and deer hunting, county fairs and Warrenton Antique weekend, and more days spent with family and friends.

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