Wednesday, August 1, 2012

about my offerings

I *know* that I must have posted this before.  I just know that I must have... Alas, I cannot remember clearly if I have or haven't... thus, I am posting again.

most items are one-of-a-kind whether due to design (made without a pattern) or due to fabric. it is usually possible to create a "fraternal twin" for most items though this does not include the tshirt totes (thank you ecokaren for the word phrase).

my story: I have a closet and a storage building filled with clothes that are hopelessly out of date OR no longer fit. My intention is to transform these old clothes (sometimes along with new yardage or fabric from my collection) into new items that are useful, so my old clothes won't end up in a landfill somewhere.

reduce. reuse. reclaim. recycle. repurpose.

i prefer to ship using USPS priority mail service flat rate envelopes and boxes.  all shipping costs reflect priority mail shipping fees.  i am happy to deliver locally at no charge.

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