Friday, June 1, 2012


I am in the process of moving my inventory from my etsy shop to my new website on indiemade.  I am also moving into my own little space in a fantastic shared space in LaGrange, Texas right on the town square.

I will continue to have my etsy shop, as I've previously mentioned.  I have items listed on the new website as well.  The new site has a blog that I like but I don't want to lose this space or all of my posts.  So, this space is going to transition into a "behind the scenes" blog.  I'm not hiding.  I'm transparent.  I just don't want to give up this space.  lol
There will be modifications and changes as I get everything settled.


I noticed that Maggie of Gussy Sews posted about #SheReadsTruth on facebook and I found the site.  I downloaded the Bible app mentioned and have signed up for the SoulDetox.  I think it's perfect timing.  When I have chaos going on all around, sometimes a "reason" to slow down even for just a moment is mandatory for peace within.

Happy Friday y'all

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