Saturday, May 5, 2012

SHaRinG the LOvE

The following are the words of Melanie Allison,

I am lucky to have networked myself right into a great group of people over the past few weeks. With having access to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more, I am learning so much and how to reach out to my fellow Etsians and crafters.

The other day, I was thinking I was due for some kind of a party. I just wrapped up a small, yet intimate baby shower in Dallas in April and with me being at home talking to the dogs for the most part of the days, I began to crave another party project. I missed my girlfriends, its summer time, Pinterest has my back, etc. - it was time to start planning something special and fun.

So with all the rage, I decided that I wanted to throw a "My Favorite Things" party.  Side note - if you don't know what this is, google it. You will want to go to one or host one. I love tons of shops on Etsy and what better way to share a favorite item of mine is to showcase it and the shop at my party and to share with friends.

Then, that got my brain swirling about more, as all women so effortlessly do... After, doing some party research, I noticed one gal did a grand prize. And that's when I knew with my growing number of fans and friends from the handmade & vintage world, I could showcase more by creating a collaborative grand prize raffle of my own!

And so I drafted a letter and made way to IG, FB, Twitter, Etsy, and more. Luckily, my new found friend Jennifer from lil girl shop, took me under her wing and has let me share my announcement with you all:

I am looking for sponsors for a giveaway I am having in June. Since I am an Etsy seller, I was hoping to reach out to my fellow Etsians & other crafters who would like to promote their shop by donating a small ($10 or less) item from their shop for a "My Favorite Things" party I am hosting where someone will win a fabulous collaborative grand prize of all things wonderfully from Etsy.

On my Rare Bird Boutique Facebook page, I have my occasional "SHaRinG the LOvE!" posts, featuring fellow Etsians and other crafters that I like to promote. After my party, I will post pics and "share the love" by announcing all of my sponsors and so forth.

If you are interested, please comment and we can discuss what you will donate and where to send.

I am super excited to do something like this for the sense of community, promotion, sharing, friendship and more.

I sincerely appreciate it,


Thank you again for lending me your crafty ears! If you are interested, you are more than welcome to convo me over at my shop: or message me at my FB page:

I am excited to meet new people, showcase your fabulous shops & talents and to promote as many of you as I can!

- Melanie Allison

To explain how the above came about...

Last night, a group of girls met on Google+ and had ourselves a little meeting.  This was my first "hangout" and for the first time, I heard the voices of some of my IG girls.  It was fantastic!!!  At the meeting was @kmsantos @tikiprincess @stacimakeup @askmeques @danielle_layla @iloveyoulikeyou and myself.  Three hours or so of girl talk about our respective etsy stores.  It was truly amazingly awesome.


I told you that to make this make sense.  During our "hangout", Dani mentioned that she had been contacted by @rarebirdmelanie to donate something for a giveaway that she had coming up.  Well, that mention turned into another convo that turned into another... But the point is that we all had a positive reaction to the suggestion.  I contacted @rarebirdmelanie today and offered her space here on my blog to reach out to other Etsians and crafters.

Happy Saturday,

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