Friday, March 9, 2012

friday friday friday

Happy Friday y'all! I created another treasury featuring some of my EcoEtsy team members who make bags. I adore bags. Both my own creations and those of others. Thus the title of my newest treasury "I'm a bag lady. Aren't you?"

Bebe is still not completely back to normal after her "girl" surgery on Wednesday. She is sleeping a *bunch* and hasn't had a bowel movement since the involuntary bm when I picked her up from the vet clinic Wednesday afternoon. Of course, she hasn't eaten any solid food since before 8pm Tuesday... She has drank some water and seems to be much more awake and coherent overall. I will post a photo later.

Looking forward to Spring Break next week. I would like to fill the time with movies, bowling, laser tag, go cart racing, and the like. We will see if my teenage daughter wants to spend any of her week away from school with her mama. And if she doesn't wanna, well... there is always taking away her precious iphone as a bribe. *wink*

Now to send convos to all the lovely people I included in the attached treasury. I enjoy getting a message when my items are featured.

And yes, sewing will be done today. Might need to photograph that as well.

So... What do you have planned for Spring Break 2012???

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