Tuesday, December 20, 2011

learning to walk again

On the 14th, I sprained my left ankle and was so terribly frightened that I had received my very first broken bone.  Luckily, the x-rays showed that I had not in fact fractured my ankle as I had originally thought.  However, I had suffered a bad sprain and would need to stay on crutches indefinitely.  The nice ER doctor said that I would know best how far to push myself and when I would feel comfortable walking again without assistance.

Last night was the first time that I tried to put any pressure/weight on my left ankle.  Mostly, my heel hurt and was tingly, which was odd to me, but my husband said "the body is a strange and mysterious thing"... or something along those lines.  Anyway...

Today, I maneuvered pretty much all day without the assistance of crutches.  YAY!!!  My ankle is still swollen, though that's understandable given I haven't had my feet up at all today.  But it isn't *that* bad.  I have noticed that my right knee is now giving me trouble and the hubs said that was due to putting so much pressure/weight on it when I was on the crutches.  GREAT!  {sarcasm... if ya couldn't tell}

And how this all relates to the shop...  Well, I haven't sat at my sewing machine once since the incident.  Until today, I've spent most of my days lying on the couch, napping.  Running errands as needed but mostly, just resting.  With my foot propped up.  Yesterday evening, I completed a couple of Christmas presents and two items for the shop (one is listed and the other will be tonight).  Tomorrow, I hope to be back at the sewing machine.
I will not be closing the shop for Christmas.  We will be in and out of the house but no more than day trips on the agenda.  My etsy shop is accessible from my iPhone, which is usually within five feet of me, and all of my current inventory is in my new studio, less than twenty steps from our back deck.

I will put the shop on vacation status on December 29th at 12noon Texas time (Central time zone).  I will re-open the shop on January 2nd 2012.
Happy Tuesday!

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