Saturday, December 3, 2011

in reflection

I got a jump start on my new year's resolution today.  I went for a mini run with my daughter.  She is a cross country runner, basketball player, and track star.  I am out of shape.  She has agreed to be my trainer.  If I don't complain too much.  ;)

I have a new sewing room that is currently storing my fabric-y goodness.  I am still using the dining table to sew at the moment.  I hope to have more than one electrical outlet in my space before the end of year.

I mentioned previously that I have a plan for 2012.  A restructuring of sorts.  Streamlining the creative process and updating the price points to reflect the economy and the actual time invested in each handcrafted item I produce.

Currently the etsy shop has 100 listings.  I hope to triple that within the first quarter of 2012.  Not terribly difficult given the fact that simply by listing every single completed item that I have at the moment would easily double the number of listings in the shop.

My biggest question is with regard to shipping.  I prefer to ship via USPS Priority Mail Service because I want my item as quick as possible.  But this means that shipping fees are a bit more.  Well, starting at $5 and going up from there.  There are several items, namely the flower pens, that I only feel comfortable shipping in a box due to the fragile nature of the flower.  Flat rate envelopes are good for wristlets and most zipper bags but the larger bags require more space.  I'm open to your suggestions.

Oh and another question, coupons.  Do you actually use them when shopping Etsy???

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