Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween skirt tutorial

Trick or treat

I am friends with Lindsey Green on facebook. I posted "Sewing another Halloween skirt for myself. :). A girl can't have too many of those. Can she? ;)"
as my status and she suggested that I write this tutorial.

• fabric - I am using a new table cloth from Target
• thread
• elastic

1. I folded the tablecloth in half prior to cutting because I wanted to utilize the current hem of the tablecloth. I measured 30 inches from the hem and drew a line on my fabric with a Sharpie marker.

2. I matched up the ends and pinned 'em together. The skirt will have a bottom hem circumference of approximately 82 inches minus seam allowance.

3. I sewed the only side seam and trimmed off the excess. The side seam allowance was the hemmed edge. I had the foot riding along the edge.

4. I am folding over and pinning the top of the waistband. And then I sew this down. Might be an extra step but it makes me feel better about the finished look.

5. I cut my elastic 1 inch larger than the area of my body that I want the elastic band to be around.
6. Since my elastic is 3/4 inches wide, I folded over (and pinned) about 1.5 inches of fabric for my elastic tube.

6. I added a safety pin to the elastic end that I am going to be forcing through the tube.

7. Since my elastic is less than half of the perimeter of the waist area allotted, I need to add some extra ribbon to my elastic when I thread it through the tube.

8. After I threaded all of the elastic with ribbon through the tube, I finish sewing the tube closed.

9. I need to secure the elastic into a circle. Remember that I cut it an inch longer than I needed. Well, I am going to sew it even tighter than that because nothing is worse than a loose elastic waist.

10. Ta da... The skirt is complete.

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  1. Awesome! Great tutorial, glad that peer pressure made you give in!

    I need to hunt down some skirt material now I think :)