Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feels like ages

I attempted to clean up my iPhone into folders and all that did was make me "lose" my blogger app. :(

Finally, took it out of a folder on like the 7th page and dragged it to the very first screen. :)

I am finally sewing these handles on. Then I have another bag that needs handles AND a zipper bag that need some interior fabric. Hmmm....

Oh goals... There are 365 days jn a year and 304 of those are during the first 10 months. I'm thinking that I will be uber prepares for next year's craft shows if I make at least one thing every day or at least 304 items in 2011. Of course, I have two craft shows this year that are less than a week apart. I did these both last year and intend to do them both again next year as well.

I am busy sewing and making lists of nifty new stuffs to add to my available offerings. :)

Happy Tuesday before Halloween y'all!!!

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