Wednesday, September 8, 2010

triple sixes

Crazy. This is the six hundred and sixty-sixth post in this blog. Yes, that includes all of the posts that I imported from various other blogs that I own/operate.

Darn printer. Keeps eating my envelopes. And since they are paper and NOT chocolate, I'm trying to determine just WHY it likes 'em so much. Grrr...

The Crafting Chicks

The local county fair is in town this weekend. ~#?!$%*@~ GRRRRR @ printer. Ok. No more of that today. Wasted four envelopes. That's enough. We'll try again tomorrow.

I have collected the above links during the past couple of weeks and posted them here so that I can find 'em again. If they are of use to you, please comment. If I have linked to something of yours that you would prefer I didn't, comment or send me a message and I will remove the link.

Unique Business Stationary

Happy Wednesday!

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