Thursday, June 10, 2010

a vibrating reminder

Invisible Clock II - Vibrating Reminder

The Invisible Clock is an assistive device that works great for timed voiding programs, medication reminders, meeting timer, exercising and literally hundreds of other activities when a flexible timer is needed. The unit has 12 daily alarms that can be set for specific times. This provides you with flexibility in alerting you or your child to perform a specific task when a specific interval is not practical. Alternately, the unit allows you to choose a specific interval when it is more convenient. In fact, you can choose both. The 12 alarms are automatically organized by the time of day, so it's easy to keep track of your programmed alarms and easy to check, erase, or set additional alarms. The Invisible Clock uses a vibration system (similar to that of the common pager) that is private yet easy to feel. You can even adjust the vibration or beep to low for a gentle and quiet reminder, or to medium or high for a stronger alert. The single AAA battery is easy and inexpensive to change. Affordably priced, easy to program and use.
I discovered the above item thanks to  I have not been diagnosed with ADD by a medical professional but my many years of psychology schooling and my natural inclination for reading led me to books that helped me explain me to me.  That last sentence might not make sense to you but it does to me.

*shakes head*

Anyway, I wanted to share the Invisible Clock with others as well as the website.  Might be helpful to someone.  I use the many alarms on my iPhone in the manner that is described for using the Invisible Clock.  We all find what works for us.

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