Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wedding related

I haven't found a makeup lady for me and the girls on my wedding day.  I found this webpage - - and I hope to learn enough to either wing it myself or have some knowledge when I finally do find a makeup person or two (or more) to interview.

Our wedding invitations, rsvp cards, and website inserts came in the mail yesterday.  And today, I found this - - fabric invitations, which are super adorable.  I am super happy with mine and might use the diy idea for party invitations in the future.

One of the girls on the knot's wedding911 iphone app suggested and I just had to share the site once I went to it on a desktop computer.  :)  Very nice.

And because I am finally on board with the idea of "soon to be" wear... one of my friends mentioned that she is a rep for Basic Couture - - and with the ability to customize...  This way, you could have the "idea" of the trend without being the same thing that everyone else is doing.  Just a thought.

I totally want to do this for both of the bathrooms at our reception site - - as well as all of the upstairs guest bathrooms that are accessible only to the bridal party.

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