Thursday, May 13, 2010

lyrical explanation

jen loves lyrics
i am fascinated by words and their impact on our emotions
All lyrics provided for educational purposes only.

i love lyrics.
the words and phrases set to music have a hypnotic effect on me at times..
i feel i must carry a notepad and pen with me whenever i'm in the car with the radio on...
to jot down phrases that i want to remember...

i've done this since at least high school...
though i remember using a cassette recorder pushed up next to the radio to record songs
and listen to 'em over and over again so that i could write down every single word i heard..
and then as a junior and senior in high school, i'd purchase the glam rock magazines with the lyrics...
and memorize every word of every song by my favorites.. motley crue, poison, warrant.. and the like.

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