Thursday, March 4, 2010

he is all mine

*grin*  This evening when I got home from work, my super fantastic fiance handed me a folded up piece of paper.  On it was pictured two clear pink glass cake stands.  He told me that they are mine.  Hehehehe... He won the pair on ebay earlier today for me.  YAY!!!

My collection of cake stands is up to six.  I purchased one at Pier 1 Imports, another at the local antique mall, then two from two separate sellers on etsy, and now these two from ebay.

My sweet discovered an awesome teal glass cake stand on ebay and now, we're waiting for our offer to be accepted so that we might own that one as well.

I sent my love the rustic cake stand link that I posted earlier today and he has graciously consented to make one or more of these amazing items so that we can use them for his groom's cake.

I am so very happy that everything is coming together.

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