Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a word about the silence

Though this space hasn't been updated in over a month, I have been online *and* sewing. I have been updating my tumblr account daily (and sometimes way more than that) since the month began. And before that I had a different tumblr account but that's another story. Anyway, what brings me out of blog hibernation is a renewed energy in posting/selling my wares.

You see, I simply have more crafty goodness sewn up than our little house can hold comfortably plus given the fact that I have rescued more stashed fabric from my storage building in addition to raiding my soon-to-be grandmother's craft closet.. uh yeah, I have more crafty notions than this 900+ sq. ft. house can accommodate.

I will be photographing items shortly and posting to etsy as well as sewing up some more stuff because well, my sewing machine is calling my name. Hmm... I need to think up a name for her too. Yes, my sewing machine is female. ;)

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