Thursday, July 30, 2009

new series

Since I've have a bit of a difficult time coming up with something to write about... I decided to do a series on my favorite products. These are all products that I currently own and use. I have not been paid to post these entries nor paid to advertise my opinions but I do believe other people might enjoy reading a real person's opinion on these products.

Full disclosure: I am a thirty-six year old single mom. I have a thirteen year old daughter. I also have a boyfriend - serious relationship. I do not have a "job" but I do have multiple online businesses. I sell flower pens on etsy as well as various items that I make from old clothes including handbags, pillows, and blankets. I also sell on ebay. I'm on both twitter and facebook. I've been online in some form or fashion since 1997 and feel extremely comfortable online. I have edited a "mom review blog" in the past plus worked in the both the private and government sectors.

If you have questions, please contact me via the comment section at this time as all comments are moderated. I don't prefer to publish comment spam and this allows me to receive your comment/email without publishing the information for the masses.

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