Wednesday, June 24, 2009

been awhile

I have been busy updating the other blog [on squarespace] as well as sewing crafty goodness plus my teen daughter is involved in a couple of summer activities and to top it all off, I"m volunteering at our local library on Tuesday and Thursdays while the library staff puts on the summer reading program.

The majority of the bags that I'm making right now use denim in some form or fashion. I have so many tshirt totes in my etsy shop that I'm more than a little afraid to add any more - I think the current count is twenty-seven (27) - and these pants totes are a joy to make. Due to their size and construction, pants totes require more brain power when I sew 'em up, which I like, and choosing a multitude of nifty fabrics is fun.

I adore putting together a patchwork of fabrics and seeing them create a beautifully functional piece of art.

I found a fellow crafter the other day who is also on squarespace but I wanted to share her crafty skills here with you. Check her out at

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  1. Hey, thanks for the crafty shoutout for tigglegiggles! Love your site and what you are doing...I have so many clothes that I just have a hard time giving away too! I'm going to explore what you are doing some more...happy crafting ;)